Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Shop Sign

For Christmas this year my brother and I created a shop sign for my Dad. He's had his shop for a few years now, and despite being off the beaten path it needed a badge. We used vintage barn boards from one of his old barns to frame a piece of aluminum. We had vinyl cut, used the female part that would normally be thrown away, and then painted the places the letters would normally be vinyl. We then sanded the whole sign down to give it a more rusted vintage look. I created the shop tools in Illustrator. In an ideal scenario with a lot more time we would of used steal and had the letters rust for a few months, something we might play with a bit in the future. For this use the graphics came out great and still have a rusted look.

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Fire Dancers

I took a bunch of photo's in Mexico this past September, some of which I would like to blow up and print on canvas. This is a series from a great group of fire dancers. Margaritas, warm weather, beaches, and relaxation, this piece will be the reminder of that vacation.


Heidi & I both wanted Ironman tattoo's to commemorate the hard work we put in this past year. There's a lot of traditional 'M' dot tattoo's so we spiced it up a bit.

New Paintings

With all the time I've been spending staring at my computer the past few months I thought I would step away and have fun with a new medium. I haven't painted much aside from the occasional gist so I started out with a basic piece I worked on in school. The image was found on a old album, traced in photoshop and then I laid it out on a grid to paint freehand. Originally I used it on a coffee table top, this time it will be the start of a series of paintings. Currently working on taking new photographs and/or taking some photo's I have and making them monochromatic images.

Monday, December 20, 2010

Gear-Grinder team jersey's

Cycling is similar to sports like Nascar (besides riding around circles) because of the constant sponsorship changes, as opposed to sports like the NFL & NBA where corporate hierarchy take precedence over every detail in the sport.

Gear-Grinder has developed a new, larger-scale identity per say, and the new team kit needed to reflect that. It's a cycling team, tri team, and composes riders of all abilities: novice to pro. My goal was to integrate idea's of cycling and the team's mission while giving it a edge and making it visible in the peloton.

Barnboard Sign

150+ year old barn board from one of my parents old barns with gold & black paint for the lettering, stencils I made for the ornate decoration at the bottom and brass hardware. Turned into a neat cabin/living room sign.