Monday, February 14, 2011

GotKrash? Logo

A fellow cyclist is creating a road rash kit for well....just that - road rash. Take the 2010 Tour de France for instance, there were days where 100+ riders went down blocking the street entirely, especially in the world of bike racing it seems inevitable. Many riders like Lance Armstrong have been plagued with bad luck involving crashes in the past few years, probably another reason he's hanging up his cycling career for good. Here is a logo I developed for the kit, the product is in the developing stages but a great and important product.

Thursday, February 10, 2011

New Year, New Branding, More Work

2010 was a good year, personally, professionally, and athletically. Since this blog is primarily aimed at my profession, that's what I'll cover. I've been working 8+ weeks on a new magazine/coupon saver for Milwaukee. Cycling season is coming up and I've design 3-4 team kits and some cycling swag recently. I'm also going back to my roots and starting some new fine art and throwing in some new product design work - as always I never say no to product design. Above is the latest rendition of my personal graphic logo.

Team Velocause cycling caps

After designing the line-up for the new Team VeloCause this is what I came up with for the caps.
Using the same scribble graphic as the jersey, I kept it simple and added the name to the front and the sponsors to the back. Should bring the kit together and will look great by themselves.

Cat 6 kits

Designed a new, more basic version of Hampshire Cycle Clubs race jersey's to sell at Rainbow Jersey. The 2 sponsors are Rainbow Jersey and Dr. Hart and the theme is 'Cat 6'.