Wednesday, June 29, 2011

VeloNews Fantasy Cycling Ad

A recent Ad for Fantasy Cycling to be printed in VeloNews.

Friday, June 10, 2011

WI Bike Law Jersey's

Concept's for WI Bike Law. The summer of jersey designs!

Rock the Green

Jersey's for the Rock the Green concert. Rock the Green is a nonprofit organization and the Midwest’s First Near-Zero Waste Music Festival that Entertains, Engages, Educates and serves as an Endowment for local community beneficiaries.

Thursday, June 2, 2011


Inspiration comes from all vantage points in life. Lately mine have been pulled from interiors, when buying a new car or house you seem to notice details about others even more. Music is always a strong influence while working, not necessarily in the actual elements of the design. The automotive industry and future concepts in transportation design. Bicycles and the bike industry although unchanged in the greater details for almost 100 years is always fun to follow and draw inspiration from - more and more people are drawing towards self-propelled transportation and the products we use will only get better and more intuitive. Nature, flowers and color drawn from nature have always been a big one, the curves that can be seen on close up shots of flowers and tree's only accentuates the curves found on the human body - something I've always admired. Artists like Shepard Fairy, Alphonse Mucha, Santiago Calatrava, Brooks Stevens, Scott Robertson, street art, IKEA, streamlined architecture & natural/sustainable living spaces. The question is...What inspires you?

Painting #2 in series

Continuing with my first series of paintings, starting with pretty basic womens photo's, making them into vector artwork, and finally painting them on large canvas. This is #2 of the series.

T.o.A.D. Tshirts

Tshirt designs for 2011' Tour of America's Dairyland Series. 11 stages of all day racing & fun!

T.o.A.D. Coffee Label

With the Tour of America's Dairyland approaching, the prize list continues to grow, over $10,000 in prize money, jersey's, bikes & coffee! These are the coffee label concepts I developed. Link