Tuesday, November 22, 2011

mid-century chair refinish

A chair I came across I had a hard time parting with so I sanded it back down to the (beautiful) maple and reupholstered it.  Originally it was covered in a very dark shellac/lacquer that I sanded back down and covered in a nice oil to give it back some moisture.  It was in pretty rough shape so I had to disassemble and re-glue some pieces. Overall I'm happy with the outcome and it's a reused piece of furniture with a new life. 

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

2012 VeloCause Kits

VeloCause cleaned house in last year's Master's racing scene, all while looking fly.  This year will be no different with these kits.  Check out www.velocause.org for the mission and the results. 

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Roots Salon

Some promo flyer's for Roots Salon, Brookfield, Greendale & Downtown Milwaukee. www.http://myrootssalon.com/

New Business Cards are in!

UW-Milwaukee Cycling & Tri Kits

The Final version of the UW-Milwaukee Cycling Kits and Tri Suits.   With Garmin's Professional cycling team folding this year, it was a great opportunity to bring Argyle back into the game.  These student athletes should be rocking the podium in style this season.

RACC Joins with Gear-Grinder

RACC (Race Against Childhood Cancer) has now joined forces with the Gear-Grinder Cycling & Triathlon Team.  I was luck y enough to help them out with the new identity.  Here's the 2 logo's, the top one for tshirts and promo work, the second one as the main logo for the jersey's, etc.