Monday, December 26, 2011

60's Eames Bucket Chair Refinish

This one has been in the works since spring when I sanded it down and applied the first on many primer coats.  This chair was beyond rough shape, it looked like Wolverine had used it for years, blades out.  Cracks were to match for my 2AM power sanding sessions.  A few more primer coats, some new pucks applied, and a new found chromed architecture base applied and BAM, one fly Xmas present for one fly California couple.  As my father pointed out, I took this one off his bucketlist for my brother - I've always had a place in my heart for bondo fumes and monotonous sanding.


  1. oooo, nice! I have 5 of these beauties in the garage of the house we just moved into and was looking for inspiration. Thanks!

  2. You bet! It's pretty easy and inexpensive to find new parts (shock mounts and bases) for the shell's as well. I have two of them and refinished them fairly inexpensively. Good luck! I'm more than happy to give you any info you might need as well.