Thursday, October 25, 2012

Logo concepts for Architectural Image.

Logo concepts for an Architecture & Architectural Photography company out of Grafton, WI.

Spot with Me App Development

I aided in creating a game for the App store which entails finding changes in photographs.  I Photoshopped 5 changes on 250 high resolution photographs for the game, designed the logo and splash screen for the game and gave it an overall identity.  Look for Spot with Me soon!  Can you find 5 changes in these photo's?

Preferred Home & Sales Logo (Madison)

The logo concept & variation for Preferred Home & Sales out of Madison, WI. 

Friday, October 19, 2012

The City Market Menu Boards

This is the design for The City Market Restaurant's menu boards.  It was beneficial to layout the designs digitally before going right into chalk to save on time and establish a layout.  The Drinks menu will remain the same for the year, the food menu will change seasonally.  If you haven't been there before make sure to check it out, great food and bakery with 4 different locations.

Monday, October 15, 2012

COR Logo

COR's mission is to help children with terminal illness's by tracking progress post hospital time.  COR is a research group with a great cause and I developed a quick logo concepts for them to use to distinguish themselves and have their own identity from the rest of the hospital.

Turning Photo's into Vector Artwork for Print

I have a fantastic returning customer who needs scans of old race cars turned into vector (digital) artwork for printing.  This one was a scanned photo of his father I turned into vector for printing on t-shirts. 

Wendy M. Photography Logo & Watermark

I developed a logo for Wendy M. Photography, a local photographer who does some fantastic portrait work.  We developed a clean logo that could also work as a watermark for her photos.