Wednesday, November 26, 2014

FunSportBikes Cycling Jersey

A recent jersey I designed for Fun Sport Bikes out of California.  Logo development, color selection and layout. 

The Crew Stop Tshirt

This is the T-shirt design I created for The Crew Stop.  I've worked with them in developing rowing gloves and their brand identity.

Cyclohaus Clothing Line

This is the logo and some of the t-shirts I've been working on for Cyclohaus, a new cyclocross inspired clothing line out of Belgium, WI.  If you know cycling or cyclocross, you know that associating this town with the line makes it that much cooler.

The City Market Chalkboard's

Here's the latest version of The City Market Menu I created for the Shorewood location.  More to come soon.  I use a variety of chalk and chalk-markers to make them easy to read. 

Thursday, November 6, 2014

BIKASE Ad for Bicycling Magazine

A recent advertisement I created for BIKASE was published in Bicycling Magazine.  I shot the photo over Lake Michigan at Concordia University and then added some of the new product line in.